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I am initially from Hampton Court ( Henry VIII) my school job was on The Thames as a boat instructor on holiday cruisers. After School I moved to Bath to work for the Ministry of Defence Navy Dept as a warship designer in marine engineering. A change took me into sales rep with YELLOW PAGES NCR the brewery and gaming industries
A chance encounter, I was spotted for my outgoing character, saw me being offered some part-time tour work with Limousines in Bath. This was eye-opening and suited my personality. Although remaining in sales I found my weekends where taking me everywhere, Tours of Paris, The Rhine in Gemany, & Bruges.
My British knowledge is far better. Soon tours of LONDON, LIVERPOOL, CHESTER & EDINBURGH could be part of a weekend away.
Then disaster (or not) my regular sales company I worked for went bust. I had nothing (or everything) I had 3 months of Beatles tours in Liverpool at the weekend to complete, then nothing full time.
I used this time effectively to review things and go back to what I knew best. The answer BATH.
From that point I set myself up as a Bath tour guide with British coaches, (walking or private car tours also) and have not looked back. My diverse background, brilliant local knowledge, humorous stories make me an exceptional tour guide. So well known within the industry. The No.1 choice for all Bath tours.

Paul Elliott

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